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Luggage comes in all different sizes, colors and useful features. From smaller carry-on luggage to larger wheeled bags, everybody has their own needs and preferences. Each brand and style of luggage has its own special features, such as being compact enough to fit underneath the seat of the plane, being extremely lightweight, and being durable enough to withstand the tossing and tumbling that can occur when a bag is handled by the airlines. Some brands even have life-time warranties that cover the bag no matter what happens to it during a typical trip. Find a selection of the best luggage available at Specialty Luggage!

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  1. Briggs & Riley - Baseline - Classic Garment Cover 24.5"

    A great protective covering for your hanging garments. This garment cover's exterior is made of durable ballistic nylon and will weather the toughest travel conditions.

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  2. BLACK

    This tri-fold garment bag is compact in design and well organized. Perfectly sized to be a cary-on -- its size allows you to bring it just about anywhere.

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  3. Briggs & Riley - Baseline - Deluxe Garment Bag

    A great soft-sided garment bag for all your travel needs.  Ingeniously designed luggage—this bag features multiple compartments for all types of wardrobe items.

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  4. Lewis N. Clark - Lightweight Garment Bag

    Don't show up to your next business meeting with a wrinkled suit or a jacket full of lint. Use this garment bag to store and organize your best attire.

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  5. Black

    Looking for the perfect combination of a large garment bag for that extended trip, but something that rolls easily around the airport, too? The Wardrobe Spinner is the ultimate solution for transporting multiple suits, garments, shoes and other closet necessities with four spinner wheels for effortless 360° navigation.

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  6. BROWN

    Regular Price: $480.00

    Special Price $239.99

    Mosaic- Daytrekr Convertible Suiter Duffel Learn More
  7. tan

    Regular Price: $400.00

    Special Price $199.99

    Mosaic- Daytrekr- Garment Bag Learn More
  8. cafe

    Regular Price: $500.00

    Special Price $389.99

    Genuine Columbian leather; durable. With many outside and inside pockets for shoes and accessories. 

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  9. Clemco- College Team- 40" Garment Bag with Pockets
  10. OLIVE

    Regular Price: $319.00

    Special Price $255.20

    It really is the money bag. This Framed Weekender holds anything and quickly snaps open for easy packing and access to contents. It's the perfect bag for a quick bank robbery getaway… though we're sure you'll only use it for legitimate reasons.

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  11. Briggs & Riley - Baseline - SUITER DUFFLE 22"

    The 2-in-1 bag transforms from a duffle to a hanging garment bag and back again with incredible ease. From suave spy to savvy fashionista, the Baseline Suiter Duffle is versatile, lightweight and designed to be used in any way imaginable.

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  12. Briggs & Riley - Baseline - Deluxe 2W Garment Bag 24"-Navy

    This rolling garment bag is designed for easy packing and easy transport. Features multiple compartments and pockets for all types of wardrobe items. 

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  13. graphite

    Regular Price: $100.00

    Special Price $39.99

    Our Essentials garment carrier helps ensure your pristine wardrobe stays that way, so you can travel with wrinkle-free confidence. With room for multiple suits or garments, this zip-closed bag is perfect for carrying one of two ways in hand as an alternative to a suitcase on quick trips. There's a lot squeezed into this slim profile: it folds in half or in thirds and features two-inch side gussets, anti-wrinkle garment bars, multiple zippered pockets, and zip-open bottom panels to accommodate a wardrobe of any length.

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  14. Briggs & Riley - Baseline - Domestic Carry On Upright Garment Bag 22"

    Breeze through tight airplane aisles with the convenience of a garment bag and the versatility of a packing case in this 2-in-1 wheeled, upright carry-on. The garment section holds 1-2 suits and the packing compartment is ideal for clothing and accessories. Fits the overhead compartment of most U.S. domestic airlines.

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  15. Briggs & Riley - Baseline - Carry On Wheeled Garment Bag 21"

    This wheeled carry-on garment bag conveniently carries your hanging garments in a protected structured case while still avoiding checked baggage fees. The durable ballistic nylon outer fabric withstands the toughest travel conditions.

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  16. Black

    This rolling garment bag is designed for easy packing and easy transport. Features multiple compartments and pockets for all types of wardrobe items. 

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  17. Briggs & Riley - Baseline - Wheeled Wardrobe 24"

    The ultimate clothing connoisseur. A perfect piece for the traveling executive, this bag is a wardrobe that offers optimal organization and packing capacity. Accommodates 4-8 suits for a full week’s worth of meetings.

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17 Item(s)